A-Line Parking Lot Striping
"Covering the ground across Southern Louisiana"

Pavement markings are one of the most important aspects of your property. They guide your customer’s traffic flow,
identify pedestrian crossing, navigate through the property and ensure efficient volume of cars within safe limits. We provide
guidance on how to maximize your parking lot spaces and traffic flow while keeping within federal, state and local codes.

Maintaining parking lot pavement markings is an economical way to maintain your property’s appearance. We repave and/or
resurface then re-stripe existing parking lots as well as utilize blueprints for new construction layout design. Additionally, our
company provides layout and paint for athletic venues, including fields, tracks, and basketball courts.

We use water-based, Department of Transportation approved, pavement marking paint. Our paint, approved for highway traffic,
is long lasting and stands up to high volumes of traffic. Utilizing this paint enhances the durability and longevity of the lines for
our customer’s parking lot in order to with-stand continual traffic.

Curb Painting/Stencil Markings

Curb painting provides a contrast from the pavement and allows pedestrians to easily distinguish the difference in surface
levels. In addition, curb painting is beneficial around curves for vehicles to navigate the parking lot as well as help designate or
emphasize specific areas by color.

Our company stencils curbing verbiage or numerical lettering to reference parking spaces or areas of the property. Common
curbing stencils include reserved, customers only, guests, visitor, no parking and/or numbers for apartment complex residents.

ADA Guidelines – Handicap
In July 1990 the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) began affecting every property owner. Regardless of company size, all
businesses must have the proper amount of handicapped-accessible parking stalls. Many municipalities require a newly
constructed, commercial parking lot to be striped to ADA requirements before an operating permit is issued.
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Red: Deters parking in fire lanes or no parking zones.
Blue: Emphasizes handicap parking space.
Yellow/White: Specifies loading zones, caution, towing areas or visitor parking.
Car Stops (Wheel Stops)

  • Car stops also known as wheel stops,
    “stop” a vehicle and/or protect the area
    beyond the parking stall such as
    landscaping, buildings or sign posts. We
    will place, set, pin and install the car stops
    for your property.

important to replace broken car stops as they
become a tripping hazard and the protruding Re-
bar can scrape or damage vehicles.
(yellow painted car stop)